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  • Holiday Lecture 2004 Update—Jeff Friedman

    Holiday Lecture 2004 Update—Jeff Friedman


    (3 min 52 sec) HHMI investigator Jeff Friedman provides an update to his 2004 lectures on obesity.

  • The Science of Fat

    The Science of Fat


    In the 2004 Holiday Lectures on Science, HHMI investigators Ronald M. Evans and Jeffrey M. Friedman discuss how the body regulates weight by carefully controlling the storage and burning of fat—and how a better understanding of these complex metabolic systems could lead researchers to treatments that curb obesity and improve public health. Awards 2006 Telly Awards; Silver

  • Leptin Feedback Control System

    Leptin Feedback Control System


    (1 min 1 sec) Demonstrates how changes in the amount of fat tissue lead to changes in leptin levels and thus changes in appetite.