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  • Intracellular Infection by Salmonella

    Intracellular Infection by Salmonella


    (1 min 19 sec) In this animation, you can see how one S. typhimurium invades an epithelial cell of the intestinal tract, survives the intracellular defense mechanisms of the host cell, and multiplies.

  • Viral Life Cycle

    Viral Life Cycle


    (1 min 8 sec) This animation shows a single cycle of virus replication in a human cell.

  • Cardiology Virtual Lab

    Cardiology Virtual Lab

    Virtual Labs

    NEW! HTML 5 support added! This virtual lab will familiarize you with heritable diseases of the heart. Learn about the diagnostic tools used to examine and diagnose patients.

  • Kidney Function

    Kidney Function


    (4 min 30 sec) Dr. Richard Lifton, along with student volunteers, uses an aquarium and salt to illustrate the amount of work the kidney performs each day to maintain proper levels of ions in the body.

  • Heart Function

    Heart Function


    (33 sec) The job of the human heart—in fact of all vertebrate hearts—is to pump oxygenated blood throughout the cells of the body and to return deoxygenated blood to lungs or gills for replenishment.

  • Neurophysiology Virtual Lab

    Neurophysiology Virtual Lab

    Virtual Labs

    In this virtual lab, you will record electrical activities of individual neurons, identify by response to stimuli, and use dyes to visualize their morphology.

  • The Cochlea

    The Cochlea


    (1 min 33 sec) This animation illustrates how the human cochlea, a structure in the inner ear involved in hearing, receives sound in the form of vibrations.

  • Immunology Virtual Lab

    Immunology Virtual Lab

    Virtual Labs

    This virtual lab teaches the procedures of performing an ELISA test to determine whether a particular antibody is present in a patient's blood sample.

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