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  • Ocean Acidification

    Ocean Acidification


    In this hands-on activity, students simulate the effects of decreasing pH caused by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  • Coral Bleaching Activity

    Coral Bleaching Activity


    This is a classroom activity in which students use authentic data to assess the threat of coral bleaching around the world. It supports the 2014 Holiday Lectures on Science video featuring Dr. Stephen Palumbi.

  • EarthViewer Climate Guide Activity

    EarthViewer Climate Guide Activity


    This student worksheet highlights climate concepts in the EarthViewer app.

  • Earth Systems Activity

    Earth Systems Activity


    This activity guides students through building a conceptual model of how carbon dioxide affects Earth's climate

  • Classroom Activities: What is My Carbon Footprint?

    Classroom Activities: What is My Carbon Footprint?


    To accompany the lecture series Changing Planet: Past, Present, Future. Using an online calculator, you will estimate your household’s carbon footprint and explore various actions to reduce it. Also available in Spanish.

  • EarthViewer Data Files

    EarthViewer Data Files


    Summaries and links to the data files used to create the charts in EarthViewer, including the APK file to manually install the app.

  • Classroom Activities: EarthViewer

    Classroom Activities: EarthViewer


    EarthViewer was designed as an interactive learning tool. Download the PDF linked in the right hand column for some ideas on how to use the app in your class, or click on the EarthViewer link to find out more about the app.