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  • BiomeViewer


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    An interactive to explore biomes, climate, biodiversity, and human impacts across the globe.

  • Ocean Acidification

    Ocean Acidification


    In this hands-on activity, students simulate the effects of decreasing pH caused by rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  • Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

    Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

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    Charles David Keeling began measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) in 1958 at the Mauna Loa observatory on the big island of Hawaii.  This graph shows atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration in parts per million (ppm) by volume from 1958 to 2016. Worksheet also available in Spanish.

  • Resistance to Coral Bleaching

    Resistance to Coral Bleaching

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    To test whether corals can become more resistant to bleaching, Dr. Steve Palumbi and colleagues performed a series of experiments in the U.S. National Park of American Samoa off of Ofu Island.

  • Coral Bleaching Activity

    Coral Bleaching Activity


    This is a classroom activity in which students use authentic data to assess the threat of coral bleaching around the world. It supports the 2014 Holiday Lectures on Science video featuring Dr. Stephen Palumbi.

  • Dramatic Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice in 2012

    Dramatic Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice in 2012


    (26 sec) Arctic sea ice melted on an unprecedented scale in 2012, opening up the fabled Northwest and Northeast passages.

  • The Geologic Carbon Cycle

    The Geologic Carbon Cycle


    (6 min 20 sec) CO2 emitted by volcanoes into the atmosphere is removed by a series of chemical reactions related to rock weathering.

  • Greenhouse Effect

    Greenhouse Effect


    (2 min 14 sec) Sunlight that warms Earth is re-emitted as infrared radiation, which is absorbed by greenhouse gases and causes further warming.

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