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  • BiomeViewer


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    An interactive to explore biomes, climate, biodiversity, and human impacts across the globe.

  • EarthViewer


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    Download the accompanying student worksheet under "Downloads." What did Earth look like 250 million years ago? Or 1 billion years ago? Or 4.5 billion years ago? EarthViewer is an interactive tool that allows you to explore the science of Earth's deep history.

  • Mass Extinctions: Lessons from the Past

    Mass Extinctions: Lessons from the Past

    Apps and eBooks

    Examine the history and causes of past mass extinctions, and the evidence for whether we are facing a sixth mass extinction, with this interactive eBook.

  • Click and Learn App

    Click and Learn App

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    Interactively explore topics in biology with the Click and Learn app. Now available from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Apps!