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  • Surveying Gorongosa's Biodiversity

    Surveying Gorongosa's Biodiversity

    Scientists at Work

    (8 min 24 sec) In this video, biologists Piotr Naskrecki and Jennifer Guyton identify and record the diversity of species in Gorongosa National Park’s Cheringoma Plateau.

  • Tracking Lion Recovery in Gorongosa National Park

    Tracking Lion Recovery in Gorongosa National Park

    Scientists at Work

    (8 min 58 sec) This video describes how scientists in Gorongosa National Park are using GPS satellite collars and motion-sensitive cameras to gather data about the recovery of the park’s lion population.

  • Gorongosa National Park

    Gorongosa National Park


    Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique was once a thriving national park, until a civil war decimated the park’s large animal populations and halted tourism. A new long-term restoration project is...