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  • Cancer Discovery Activities

    Cancer Discovery Activities


    These two hands-on activities are based on a Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2013 Holiday Lectures on Science video featuring researcher Dr. Charles L. Sawyers. Also available in Spanish.

  • Genetic Mutations and Disease

    Genetic Mutations and Disease


    The poster for the 2013 Holiday Lectures on Science, Medicine in the Genomic Era, illustrates the difference between germline and somatic cell mutations.

  • Testing a Hypothesis

    Testing a Hypothesis


    A worksheet designed to actively engage students as they watch the film. Students are asked to answer questions pertaining to the information provided in the film.

  • How Do Fibers Form?

    How Do Fibers Form?


    A hands-on activity in which students construct models of sickle-cell hemoglobin fibers inside red blood cells to illustrate how changes in the structure of a protein can affect cell shape. Students are then asked to relate these changes to disease symptoms. Also available in Spanish.

  • The Molecular Evolution of Gene Birth and Death

    The Molecular Evolution of Gene Birth and Death


    An advanced lesson that describes the role of mutations in the birth and death of genes. It includes background information, examples, video clips, and animations.

  • Classroom Activities: Pedigree Analysis Activity

    Classroom Activities: Pedigree Analysis Activity


    To accompany the lecture series Learning from Patients: The Science of Medicine.