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  • Film Guide for Genes as Medicine

    Film Guide for Genes as Medicine

    Film Guides

    The following classroom-ready resources complement the film Genes as Medicine. It tells the story of the successes and challenges that led to the development of the first FDA-approved gene therapy for a genetic disease.

  • Genes as Medicine

    Genes as Medicine

    Short Films

    (17 min 16 sec) Watch the story of how gene therapy restored the sight of a nearly-blind young patient. Told from the perspective of two researchers who spent over 25 years working to develop this breakthrough technology, this short film chronicles their successes and challenges, and illustrates how the method works to treat inherited conditions.

  • DNA Profiling Activity

    DNA Profiling Activity


    This multi-part lesson is designed to give students a firm understanding of genetic profiling using short tandem repeats (STRs), which is a process used by forensics labs around the world.