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  • Recombination of Viral Genome

    Recombination of Viral Genome


    (3 min 5 sec) When two different strains of influenza infect a single cell, their genetic material can mix freely, resulting in a new third strain of influenza.

  • Cardiology Virtual Lab

    Cardiology Virtual Lab

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    NEW! HTML 5 support added! This virtual lab will familiarize you with heritable diseases of the heart. Learn about the diagnostic tools used to examine and diagnose patients.

  • Structure and Function of Telomeres

    Structure and Function of Telomeres

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    This mini-lesson covers the research on telomeres that has happened since the 1995 Holiday Lectures.

  • RNA Diversity

    RNA Diversity

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    RNA is an information molecule that can also function as an enzyme. Learn about the many different forms that RNA can take.

  • RNA Interference

    RNA Interference

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    RNA interference is an exciting new research tool for shutting down genes. It could also yield new medical treatments.

  • Enzymes That Are Not Proteins: The Discovery of Ribozymes

    Enzymes That Are Not Proteins: The Discovery of Ribozymes


    (19 min 4 sec) Listen to past HHMI President Dr. Thomas Cech discussing his Nobel Prize-winning discovery of RNA's catalytic properties.

  • RNA Folding

    RNA Folding


    (33 sec) Since RNA is single-stranded, it can fold upon itself and form structures that are protein-like in both appearance and functionality.

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