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  • Modeling Trophic Cascades

    Modeling Trophic Cascades


    Students use cards of animal and plant species to model trophic cascades. Species examples are drawn from seven different habitats to test student understanding.

  • How Animals Use Sound to Communicate

    How Animals Use Sound to Communicate

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    Using elephants, finches, bats, and moths, as case studies, explore different aspects of how animals use sound to communicate.

  • Survey Methods

    Survey Methods

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    In this interactive, students explore the methods scientists use to survey elephants and learn about the current state of the elephant population in Africa.

  • Niche Partitioning Activity

    Niche Partitioning Activity


    Students are introduced to real-world examples of niche partitioning and cutting-edge technology used to give unprecedented insights into the feeding habits of wild animals.

  • Creating Chains and Webs to Model Ecological Relationships

    Creating Chains and Webs to Model Ecological Relationships


    Students use cards to build model food webs and evaluate how ecological disturbances affect each trophic level. Also available in Spanish.

  • Beak of the Finch Film With Quiz

    Beak of the Finch Film With Quiz

    Interactive Videos

    (15 min 54 sec) Embedded quiz modules test students’ understanding as they watch a short film on the evolution of the finch species found on the Galápagos Islands.

  • Coral Bleaching

    Coral Bleaching


    (3 min 48 sec) Zoom into a coral reef and discover photosynthetic algae inside the coral’s cells. Reef-building corals rely on these symbionts for their survival.

  • Explore Your Inner Animals

    Explore Your Inner Animals

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    This interactive explores different anatomical features of the human body and what they reveal about the evolutionary history we share with other organisms, including earlier, long-extinct species.

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