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  • Bacterial Quorum Sensing

    Bacterial Quorum Sensing

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    Understand how quorum sensing works by reasoning through experiments involving genetically-engineered bioluminescent bacteria.

  • Symbiotic Bioluminescence

    Symbiotic Bioluminescence

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    Explore the biology of the symbiotic relationship between the Hawaiian Bobtail squid and bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri.

  • Eavesdropping on Tiny Conspiracies

    Eavesdropping on Tiny Conspiracies


    (58 min 29 sec) The quorum sensing system is a target for a new class of drugs that interfere with virulence without killing bacteria.

  • Biodiversity at a Snail's Pace

    Biodiversity at a Snail's Pace


    (58 min 29 sec) Cone snails have evolved many different toxins for different uses. Total molecular biodiversity may number in the millions.

  • Shedding Light on an Invisible World

    Shedding Light on an Invisible World


    (58 min 29 sec) Bacteria are capable of communicating and coordinating their activities with a molecular signaling system called quorum sensing.

  • From Venoms to Drugs

    From Venoms to Drugs


    (58 min 29 sec) Venomous carniverous cone snails are a rich source of molecules for scientific research and potential drug development.

  • Exploring Biodiversity: The Search for New Medicines

    Exploring Biodiversity: The Search for New Medicines


    What medical secrets do venomous snails hold? How can listening in on bacterial conversations help develop new antibiotics? In four presentations, Dr. Bonnie L. Bassler and Dr. Baldomero M. Olivera reveal how a deeper understanding of nature and biodiversity informs their research into new medicines.