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  • Tracking Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

    Tracking Genetically Modified Mosquitoes


    Genetically modified mosquitoes have been used to reduce mosquito populations and the diseases they spread. But how can we tell if the method works? In this activity, students analyze data from a field experiment.

  • The Great Elephant Census Modeling Activity

    The Great Elephant Census Modeling Activity


    In this classroom activity, students will model two types of counting methods, sample counts and total counts, to determine population size. 

  • Discovering Keystone Species

    Discovering Keystone Species


    This classroom poster illustrates Robert Paine’s pioneering experiment that demonstrated the importance of top-down regulation of ecological communities by predators and led to his coining of the term keystone species.

  • Niche Partitioning Activity

    Niche Partitioning Activity


    Students are introduced to real-world examples of niche partitioning and cutting-edge technology used to give unprecedented insights into the feeding habits of wild animals.

  • Gorongosa: Restoring Mozambique’s National Treasure

    Gorongosa: Restoring Mozambique’s National Treasure


    This article by Gorongosa National Project staff explains the project’s history, mission, and future goals.