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  • White-Nose Syndrome

    White-Nose Syndrome

    Phenomenal Images

    Students explore images of bats with an infectious fungal disease as phenomena to learn about population dynamics and disease impacts.

  • White-Nose Syndrome in Bat Populations

    White-Nose Syndrome in Bat Populations

    Data Points

    Scientists modeled the impact of an infectious fungal disease on a bat population.

  • Baboon Longevity Under Adversity

    Baboon Longevity Under Adversity

    Data Points

    Scientists studied how adversity early in life impacts the long-term survival of baboons.

  • CSI Wildlife

    CSI Wildlife

    Click & Learn

    In this interactive, students use DNA profiling, or fingerprinting, to solve two cases of elephant poaching. In the process they will learn about genetic markers, PCR, gel electrophoresis, allele frequencies, and population genetics.