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  • Modeling Trophic Cascades

    Modeling Trophic Cascades

    Card Activities

    In this activity, students model trophic cascades, which are also explored in a variety of related resources, using cards of animal and plant species from seven different habitats. It is designed to illustrate the species relationships in a food chain and the effect of predators on the trophic levels below.

  • Survey Methods

    Survey Methods

    Click & Learn

    In this interactive, students explore the methods scientists use to survey elephants and learn about the current state of the elephant population in Africa.

  • Niche Partitioning Activity

    Niche Partitioning Activity


    Students are introduced to real-world examples of niche partitioning and cutting-edge technology used to give unprecedented insights into the feeding habits of wild animals.

  • Creating Chains and Webs to Model Ecological Relationships

    Creating Chains and Webs to Model Ecological Relationships

    Card Activities

    Students use cards to build model food webs and evaluate how ecological disturbances affect each trophic level. Also available in Spanish.