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  • Niche Partitioning and DNA Metabarcoding

    Niche Partitioning and DNA Metabarcoding

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    This interactive explores niche partitioning as a mechanism that enables similar species of animals to coexist.

  • Tracking Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

    Tracking Genetically Modified Mosquitoes


    Genetically modified mosquitoes have been used to reduce mosquito populations and the diseases they spread. But how can we tell if the method works? In this activity, students analyze data from a field experiment.

  • CSI Wildlife

    CSI Wildlife

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    In this interactive, students use DNA profiling, or fingerprinting, to solve two cases of elephant poaching. In the process they will learn about genetic markers, PCR, gel electrophoresis, allele frequencies, and population genetics.

  • Metabarcoding



    (3 min 38 sec) Dr. Rob Pringle introduces a new method of studying herbivore diets by extracting plant DNA from animal dung.