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  • Resistance to Coral Bleaching

    Resistance to Coral Bleaching

    Data Points

    To test whether corals can become more resistant to bleaching, Dr. Steve Palumbi and colleagues performed a series of experiments in the U.S. National Park of American Samoa off of Ofu Island. Worksheets also available in Spanish.

  • Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Termite Mound Patterns

    Modeling Ecosystem Effects of Termite Mound Patterns

    Data Points

    Dr. Corina Tarnita and colleagues studied how a pattern of termite mounds across a dryland ecosystem enhances resilience against desertification.

  • Coral Bleaching Activity

    Coral Bleaching Activity


    This is a classroom activity in which students use authentic data to assess the threat of coral bleaching around the world. It supports the 2014 Holiday Lectures on Science video featuring Dr. Stephen Palumbi. Also available in Spanish.