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  • New Laetoli Footprints and Hominin Body Size

    New Laetoli Footprints and Hominin Body Size

    Data Point

    Scientists were excavating a site in Laetoli, Tanzania when they uncovered two new sets of hominin tracks located about 150 meters south of the tracks found by Mary Leakey in the 1970’s. They estimated the heights of the two individuals using the size and shape of the footprints.

  • Human Feet Are Strange

    Human Feet Are Strange


    In this hands-on activity students examine the evidence for the evolution of human bipedality as revealed by a trail of fossil footprints. Also available in Spanish.

  • The Tool-Making Animal

    The Tool-Making Animal

    Scientists at Work

    (5 min 41 sec) Stone tools reveal a critical transition in the lives of our early human ancestors.