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  • Teacher Guide: Gene Regulation

    Teacher Guide: Gene Regulation

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    Topics include: Gene regulation mechanisms and examples, gene regulation and human disease, and RNA interference.

  • Teacher Guide: Gene Expression

    Teacher Guide: Gene Expression

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    Topics include: Gene expression, RNA structure and function, transcription, RNA processing, translation, and post-translational events.

  • Teacher Guide: Evolution

    Teacher Guide: Evolution

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    Topics include: natural selection, artificial selection, population genetics, human adaptations and evolution, and phylogenetics.

  • Teacher Guide: DNA

    Teacher Guide: DNA

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    Topics include: DNA structure and function, DNA replication, damage to DNA and eukaryotic chromosomal structure.

  • Teacher Guide: Biotechnology

    Teacher Guide: Biotechnology

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    Topics include: PCR, DNA Sequencing, Genetic Engineering, and Microarray. This guide includes multiple classroom-ready worksheets to accompany HHMI’s virtual labs.

  • Teacher Guide: AP Biology

    Teacher Guide: AP Biology

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    This guide correlates all the resources available on the Holiday Lectures on Science DVDs and throughout the website to specific Big Ideas, Enduring Understandings, and Essential Knowledge threads of the new AP® Biology Curriculum Framework.