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  • Solving Crimes with the NECROBIOME

    Solving Crimes with the NECROBIOME

    Animated Shorts

    (7 min 10 sec) We can’t talk to the dead, but in their own way, the dead can speak to us.

  • The LUX operon controls light production

    The LUX operon controls light production


    (2 min 25 sec) A single transcription factor controls this operon, which contains five genes necessary to produce bioluminescence.

  • Genetic engineering

    Genetic engineering


    (1 min 13 sec) A new gene can be inserted into a loop of bacterial DNA called a plasmid. This is done by cutting the plasmid DNA with a restriction enzyme, which allows a new piece of DNA to be inserted. The ends of the new piece of DNA are stitched together by an enzyme called DNA ligase. The genetically engineered bacteria will now manufacture any protein coded by genes on the newly inserted DNA.

  • Bacterial Identification Virtual Lab

    Bacterial Identification Virtual Lab

    Virtual Labs

    This virtual lab will familiarize you with the science and techniques used to identify different types of bacteria based on their DNA sequences.