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  • Fountains of Life

    Fountains of Life

    Image of the Week

    Densely packed endosymbiotic bacteria (Endoriftia persephone) in the trophosome of a tube worm living in a deep-sea hydrothermal vent.

  • The Secret Life of Beewolves

    The Secret Life of Beewolves

    Image of the Week

    Cross-section through the antenna of a female beewolf, Philanthinus quattuordecimpunctatus.

  • EarthViewer


    Click & Learn

    Download the accompanying student worksheet under "Downloads." What did Earth look like 250 million years ago? Or 1 billion years ago? Or 4.5 billion years ago? EarthViewer is an interactive tool that allows you to explore the science of Earth's deep history.

  • Larval Biscuit

    Larval Biscuit

    Image of the Week

    A pluteus larva of the sea biscuit, Clypeaster subdepressus, an echinoderm closely related to sea urchins.

  • Super Stoma

    Super Stoma

    Image of the Week

    The stomata of grasses (singular stoma) function more efficiently than those of other plants.

  • Middle School

    Middle School


    A small selection of our multimedia resources that will enhance your teaching of middle school life and earth science classes. They include engaging, high-quality animation, hands-on activities,...

  • Selection for Tuskless Elephants

    Selection for Tuskless Elephants

    Scientists at Work

    (6 min 39 sec) Working in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, Dr. Joyce Poole and colleagues made a striking observation: many female elephants lack tusks.

  • Finding A Place On The Tree

    Finding A Place On The Tree

    Image of the Week

    Dendrogramma is a newly-discovered species of deep sea siphonophore.

  • Moth Mimicry: Using Ultrasound to Avoid Bats

    Moth Mimicry: Using Ultrasound to Avoid Bats

    Scientists at Work

    (10 min 24 sec) This video follows scientists as they uncover the ways in which moth species in Gorongosa National Park use ultrasound to avoid being eaten by bats.

  • Slug Power

    Slug Power

    Image of the Week

    The sea slug, Elysia crispata belongs to a group called the sacoglossans—mostly herbivores that feed, mate and lay eggs on algae.  

  • Animated Life: The Living Fossil Fish

    Animated Life: The Living Fossil Fish

    Animated Short

    (7 min 18 sec) This animated short film tells the engaging tale of the discovery of the coelacanth.

  • Mass Extinctions Interactive

    Mass Extinctions Interactive

    Click & Learn

    Discover the environmental factors that caused the five big mass extinctions in Earth’s history and which species they impacted.

  • New Year Bash

    New Year Bash

    Image of the Week

    Some mantis shrimps, for example, Odontodactylus sp., can smash open prey, such as snails and crabs, using powerful specialized limbs.

  • Primate in a Pumpkin

    Primate in a Pumpkin

    Image of the Week

    The Aye-Aye is a nocturnal lemur, a member of a group of primates that live only on the island of Madagascar. 

  • Mozambique Mounds

    Mozambique Mounds

    Image of the Week

    Termite mounds in central Mozambique appear as regularly spaced islands of dark-green vegetation in a sea of grassland. 

  • Dodging Extinction

    Dodging Extinction


    (31 min 12 sec) What steps can be taken to avoid the sixth mass extinction?

  • Humans, Biodiversity, and Habitat Loss

    Humans, Biodiversity, and Habitat Loss


    (33 min 4 sec) Human activities and their effects on biodiversity in the past, present, and future.

  • Learning from Past Extinctions

    Learning from Past Extinctions


    (29 min 6 sec) There is still time to avoid a sixth mass extinction.

  • In A Different Light

    In A Different Light

    Image of the Week

    A tree scorpion illuminated with UV light gives off a blue-green glow.

  • The Lone Anole

    The Lone Anole

    Image of the Week

    The Plymouth anole (Anolis lividus) lizard is found only on the Caribbean island of Montserrat—and it is the only anole species living there.

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