Scientific Inquiry and Data Analysis Using WildCam Gorongosa

This is a part of WildCam Lab
Camera trap photo of an animal


In this activity, students will be guided through making observations from trail camera data in Gorongosa National Park, the development and investigation of a scientifically testable research question, and analysis of their results.

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Curriculum Connections:

NGSS (2013) LS
HS-LS2-1, HS-LS2-2, HS-LS2-8
AP Biology (2015)
2.D.1, 4.A.5, SP3, SP5
IB Biology (2016)
4.1, C.1, C.2
AP Environmental Science (2013)
IB Environmental Systems and Societies (2009)
2.1, 2.2
Common Core (2010)
ELA.RST.9-12.7, WHST.9-12.7, Math.S-IC.3, N-Q.A.3, MP.2, MP.4
Vision and Change (2009)
CC5, DP1