It's a Fishapod!

This is part of: Great Transitions: The Origin of Tetrapods
It's a Fishapod!


This article by Sean B. Carroll tells the story of the search for and discovery of Tiktaalik, an animal with a mix of fish and tetrapod features—a fishapod! It supplements the short film Great Transitions: The Origin of Tetrapods, starring Neil Shubin.

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Curriculum Connections:

  • NGSS (2013) LS - 6
  • NGSS (2013) ESS - 1
  • AP Biology (2012-2013) - 9
  • IB Biology (2009) - 3
NGSS (2013) LS
MS Performance Expectations: MS-LS4-2
 HS Performance Expectations: HS-LS4-1, LS4-2, LS4-4, LS4-5, LS4.B, LS4.C
NGSS (2013) ESS
AP Biology (2012-2013)
1.A.1, 1.A.2, 1.A.4, 1.B.1, 1.C.1, 1.C.3, 1.D.2, 4.B.3, 4.B.4
IB Biology (2009)
5.4, D2, D5