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Gorongosa: Using Citizen Science to Study Ecology

This course introduces ecological concepts and the process of science through ongoing research at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. 

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This course connects you to actual ecological research in Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Gorongosa was once a thriving national park, until decades of war decimated the park’s large animal populations and halted tourism. A long-term restoration project is underway to restore the park’s ecosystem, revive tourism, and support local communities.

Gorongosa’s researchers are using different approaches to track the recovery the park’s wildlife, including remote trail cameras. These cameras are equipped with motion sensors that snap photos when an animal moves in front of them. The trail cameras have collected hundreds of thousands of photos that are now available on WildCam Gorongosa, an online citizen science platform.

Throughout this course, you will contribute to ongoing research in Gorongosa National Park, learn about the restoration effort and the ecological communities of Gorongosa, and gain a deeper understanding of key concepts in ecology and the process of science. 

The lessons below appear in the order they should be completed. Lesson instructions and materials can be found on each of these lesson pages.