Film Guide for The Biology of Skin Color

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The following classroom-ready resources complement The Biology of Skin Color. Featuring anthropologist Dr. Nina Jablonski, the film walks us through the evidence that differences in human skin color are adaptations to varying intensity of UV light. Also available in Spanish.

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Curriculum Connections:

NGSS (2013) LS
LS3.A, LS3.B, LS4.A, LS4.C
AP Biology (2015)
1.A.1, 1.A.2, 1.C.3, 3.A.1, 3.C.1, 4.C.1, 4.C.2
AP Environmental Science (2013)
IB Biology (2016)
1.2, 2.6, 3.4, 5.1, 10.2
IB Environmental Systems and Societies (2017)
Common Core (2010)
ELA.RST.9-12.2, WHST.9-12.4
Vision and Change (2009)
CC1, CC2

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