Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2010 Annual Report

Architects of Discovery

>Every day, HHMI supports the pursuit of knowledge and the application of that knowledge for the benefit of humankind. We have structured the institute - physically, programmatically, philosophically - to empower the world’s finest scientists and educators. These individuals too are architects of discovery, through the ways in which they guide their teams, structure their laboratories and classrooms, and conceive of the pioneering experiments that lead to innovations of lasting consequence.

Breaking New GroundBreaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground

With a model that encourages bold thinking, HHMI enables its scientists to move in creative new directions, whether they seek to probe the origins of life or push the limits of biophysics.

The Framework of InnovationThe Framework of Innovation

The Framework of Innovation

What does it take to answer some of the world’s biggest scientific challenges? Strong teams, open collaborations, scaled-up resources, and just a pinch of Vitamin D.

Foundations of ScholarshipFoundations of Scholarship

Foundations of Scholarship

HHMI’s investment in science education demonstrates our commitment to programs that value diversity, early research opportunities, inquiry-based teaching, and experimentation.

Honors & AwardsHonors & Awards

Honors & Awards

Many HHMI scientists, scholars, and educators received special recognition this year.

Annual ReflectionsAnnual Reflections

Annual Reflections

HHMI President Robert Tjian’s annual letter, accompanied by reflections from Trustee Hanna H. Gray.

Year in ReviewYear in Review

Year in Review

HHMI welcomed new leaders and opened a new wing at its headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD.

People & FinancialsPeople & Financials

People & Financials

See a summary of who received HHMI support in 2010 and key financial data.

Janelia Farm Research CampusJanelia Farm Research Campus

Janelia Farm

New scientific talent joined HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus in Ashburn, VA.

Research HighlightsResearch Highlights

Research Highlights

Explore the work of HHMI scientists through an interactive feature that highlights some of their notable discoveries in 2010.

Photo Credit: Szostak: Leah Fasten  Abraham: Mark Mahaney  Illustration: Emma Kelly