HHMI grants are intended to achieve specific objectives through clearly established programs, thus HHMI does not encourage and rarely funds unsolicited grant proposals.

Most HHMI grants are awarded through competitions that have a formal invitation and review process. To find out about these competitions, visit Programs and Opportunities.

If you are an independent investigator:

  • HHMI does not make grant awards for investigator-initiated research in the United States. Instead, HHMI employs independent investigators who work at leading research institutions around the United States under collaborative relationships with those institutions. 
  • HHMI does not award grants for clinical trials, drug testing, or research on health education, health-care delivery, or health services.
  • HHMI does not provide support for sabbaticals or brief visits to laboratories.

If you are a student:

  • HHMI provides funding to medical, dental, and veterinary students for biomedical research training only through the Medical Research Fellows Program.
  • HHMI is not an academic or degree-granting institution and therefore cannot offer admission to a course of study.
  • HHMI does not give scholarships or other financial assistance for study toward a baccalaureate degree, a master's degree, a nursing or other allied health professions degree, or a dental degree.
  • HHMI does not have a specific research training program for MD/PhD students nor does HHMI provide support for the final preparation of a dissertation, postdoctoral research by PhD scientists, or clinical training.

If you are a pre-K to 12th-grade educator:

  • HHMI does not provide direct funding to pre-K to 12th-grade schools or school districts, nor does HHMI give grants directly to undergraduate students or to K-12 students and teachers.