The sustained excellence of our nation’s science, and its proper role in society, depends upon a public that understands the importance of science – its process, as well as its payoffs. To value science, the public needs good and compelling information. HHMI has established a leading position in public engagement as an organization with both a deep understanding of biological science and education and professional media production capabilities. HHMI has the potential for significant positive impact on a national scale. Two elements essential to making that impact are powerful partners and powerful content.

HHMI will enable established journalism organizations to provide greater and deeper coverage of science and medicine.

Rationale: Today’s news organizations lack resources for in-depth reporting and storytelling, which has led to decreases in both the amount and depth of science coverage across the country. The current rise in anti-scientific attitudes makes this a particularly important time to bring science to broad audiences.

Approach: We will work with organizations such as the Associated Press, the largest provider of news content in the world, to promote greater and deeper coverage of important scientific topics. We will increase awareness and knowledge about contemporary science among people of different ages and backgrounds.

HHMI will create powerful science content that inspires and engages a broad spectrum of audiences.

Rationale: Good information is necessary yet insufficient to convey the role of scientists in shaping our world. To fully value science, the public also needs to be inspired. That inspiration often comes from a glimpse into the hearts and lives of scientists – their passions, aspirations, struggles, setbacks, and the price many pay for the reward of discovery.

Approach: To bring powerful stories about the lives and work of scientists to the public, HHMI Tangled Bank Studios will continue to seek out and collaborate with exceptional filmmakers who work in the most immersive formats. These films will be the cornerstones of larger media projects that employ a combination of strategies and partners to increase our reach and to inspire greater appreciation for and interest in science among diverse audiences.