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Open Competitions

HHMI support is awarded through competitions that have specific objectives and eligibility criteria; thus, HHMI does not encourage and rarely funds unsolicited grant proposals. Information about eligibility requirements and how to apply can be found on the program's page.

Open Competitions

Investigator Program Biomedical Research Open to outstanding scientists in biomedical disciplines and adjacent fields.
Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP) Science Education and Research Training

Past Awardees

Although Nieng Yan had several grants when she started her lab at Tsinghua University, she barely had enough money to pay her eight lab members. Yan’s scientific achievements and potential landed her an international grant from HHMI in 2012.
“The amount of money provided by Hughes is relatively small compared to other programs, but it has the advantage that you can freely decide what to do with it,” says Yan.

Nieng Yan
2012 International Early Career Scientist

How We Advance Science

HHMI Investigator Robert Lefkowitz

HHMI funds exceptionally talented scientists and educators to advance the front lines of biomedical research and train the next generation of scientific leaders.

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