Research at Janelia

HHMI's Janelia Research Campus is a unique, state-of-the-art research complex where scientists from diverse disciplines collaborate on some of science's most challenging problems: identifying the basic rules and mechanisms of the brain's information-processing system and developing optical, biological, and computational technologies for creating and interpreting biological images.

Research at K-RITH

At the state-of-the-art K-RITH research facilities, investigators are focused on the basic science of TB and HIV biology and pathology, as well as the host response to these infections. Projects range from the identification of diagnostics and biomarkers, to the potential of microfluidics, to sequencing the genomes of multidrug-resistant TB, characterizing the human immune response to TB and HIV.

Mentor Matching

In the prescreening portion of the application, students will discuss their research interests and the research focus areas they would be interested in pursuing at Janelia or at K-RITH. Students who are selected to interview at Janelia will meet with prospective mentors and explore potential projects. K-RITH applicants who are selected for Skype interviews will discuss their interests in potential mentors and projects with the K-RITH administration. If a student’s application progresses past the interview stage, he or she will develop a research proposal with a Janelia or K-RITH mentor to submit with the remainder of the Medical Fellows Program application.

Find out about the research of scientists at Janelia or at K-RITH.

The Janelia and K-RITH options are very selective, so students should have an alternative mentor and project in mind at another fellowship institution. If a student’s application does not move forward to the interview process or beyond, they are strongly encouraged to complete the standard Medical Research Fellows Program application by January 11.