Eligibility, Financial Support, and Application Process


  • Students must be in good standing at a medical, dental, or veterinary school located in the United States.
  • US citizenship not required, but students must be eligible to work with an appropriate visa.
  • Students cannot be enrolled in a combined medical, dental, or veterinary/PhD program (e.g., MD/PhD) or PhD, or ScD program, or have a PhD or ScD in a laboratory-based biological science.
  • Students must have a strong record of research accomplishment and commitment.

Financial Support

Medical Fellows at Janelia

  • Annual compensation of $30,000
  • Medical and dental insurance; vision insurance optional
  • Furnished on-campus housing at Janelia (includes one parking space, utilities, cable TV, internet access, fitness center, dining facilities and other on-site amenities)
  • Research allowance of $5,500 for research-related enrichment activities (Med Fellows regional events, HHMI investigator meetings, scientific conferences), research-related books, and courses

Medical Fellows at K-RITH

  • Annual stipend of $30,000
  • Allowance of $11,000 for medical, dental, and vision insurance, evacuation insurance, roundtrip travel to Durban, South Africa, and to the Medical Fellows' Scientific Meeting.
  • Relocation assistance upon arrival in South Africa.

Loan Deferment

  • If students have not matriculated at their school during their research year, HHMI can complete education-related loan deferment forms for them.

Application Process

  • Apply online at: www.hhmi.org/competitions
  • There is a two-step application process with an earlier deadline for the initial prescreening application.
  • Selected Janelia candidates will be interviewed at the Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia. K-RITH candidates will be interviewed via Skype.
  • Candidates progressing past interview stage will complete remainder of Medical Fellows application with Janelia or K-RITH mentor.
  • All application materials are submitted online. These include:
    • Prescreening application:
      • Applicant’s components
      • Two reference letters
    • Remainder of application:
      • Remaining applicant’s components (including research proposal)
      • Mentor’s components (and co-mentor, if applicable)
      • Dean’s confirmation

For further information on application requirements, see the Year-Long Med Fellows at Janelia Information document, or the Med Fellows at K-RITH Information document.

Note: Applicants may not concurrently have two Medical Research Fellows applications in the HHMI Competition System (e.g., a Medical Research Fellows Program at Janelia or at K-RITH application and a standard Medical Research Fellows Program application). However, applicants may apply to the standard Medical Research Fellows Program, with a mentor at another fellowship institution, if they receive notification that their Janelia or K-RITH application is not progressing to the next stage of the competition.