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Year-Long Medical Research Fellows Program at Janelia or K-RITH

The Year-Long Medical Fellows Program opportunities at Janelia and K-RITH are targeted to students with specific research interests and backgrounds, and have additional application requirements.

Janelia Research Campus

Students interested in neuronal network function or imaging at the cellular and molecular level are encouraged to apply for fellowship positions at HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus.

Fellows at Janelia take part in cutting-edge research and work with small, interdisciplinary teams of chemists, biochemists, neurobiologists, geneticists, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, and engineers from around the world in a collaborative, creative, resource-rich environment.

This intense research training experience is targeted to highly talented students with a proven track-record of research accomplishment and a commitment to a basic research field being pursued by Janelia investigators.

Life at Janelia includes:

  • A full agenda of seminars, conferences, and journal clubs;
  • A chance to interact with outside faculty speakers, HHMI investigators, and other renowned researchers;
  • State-of-the-art laboratory and conference facilities;
  • Well-appointed on-campus housing; and many other amenities.


Students interested in conducting research in HIV, TB, or co-infection in a state-of-the-art research institute at the heart of the TB and HIV epidemics should apply for fellowship positions at K-RITH.

Fellows will spend the year living and working in Durban, South Africa.

Students should have previous research experience and a strong interest in infectious disease.

"Few other research environments within an academic setting can parallel Janelia's emphasis on collaboration, access to the latest technologies and engineering expertise, and freedom from financial constraints. Beyond this highly productive atmosphere, daily living on its beautiful campus makes even long days at work enjoyable. Choosing to take a year to do research at Janelia was easily the best decision I made in medical school."

Babita Panigrahi
HHMI Medical Fellow at Janelia