EXROP Projects: Tim Stearns

Tim Stearns


Tim Stearns's research focuses on cell biology, particularly the microtubule cytoskeleton, a dynamic network of filaments and associated motors and organizing factors found in all eukaryotic cells. He will create a program that will train undergraduates to be the next generation of leaders in biological research through close interaction with faculty members in course work, research, and advising.

Summer Lab Size: 10
Local Summer Program: Stanford Summer Research Program
Program Dates: June 21-August 23, 2014 (Dates for 2015 should be similar)

Understanding Human Genetic Variation

The goal of the summer project will be to use our yeast assay system to study genetic variation in one or more human genes. We will choose genes for which there is a yeast ortholog of the human gene, then replace the yeast gene with the human gene, creating a "humanized" strain specific for that gene. The known sequence variants will then be expressed in yeast, derived either from the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) database or from recently sequenced cancer genomes. The panel of strains will then be assessed for parameters of growth and physiology, which we have found to be sensitive indicators of gene function.

Scientist Profile

HHMI Professor
Stanford University
Cell Biology, Genetics