EXROP Projects: Stuart L. Schreiber

Stuart L. Schreiber
Summer Lab Size: 20+
Local Summer Program: Harvard EXROP Summer Experience
Program Dates: June 8-August 15, 2015 (Dates for 2016 should be similar)

Next-Generation Chemistry in Therapeutics Discovery

This project combines two modern principles driving the science of therapeutics. The first applies modern methods of asymmetric synthesis to yield novel compounds having special properties that greatly facilitate small-molecule probe and drug discovery. The second annotates the compounds by making thousands of multiplexed measurements of the actions of the compounds on cells. This "biological spectrum" enables the discovery of compounds having novel mechanisms of action. These two activities are developed in the context of therapeutic discovery efforts that begin with insights from human biology.

Discovery of Vulnerabilities of Cancers Targeted by Small Molecules

This project correlates patterns of sensitivity of thousands of cancer cell lines to hundreds of small-molecule probes and drugs. Vulnerabilities are uncovered that are linked to specific genetic or cell state features of cancers. Research is undertaken to uncover the molecule mechanisms that underlie the vulnerabilities.

Scientist Profile

Harvard College
Chemical Biology, Medicine and Translational Research