EXROP Projects: Roy Parker

Roy Parker
Summer Lab Size: 15
Program Dates: June 2-August 8, 2015 (Dates for 2016 should be similar)

Analysis of Aberrant RNP Granules in Degenerative Diseases

A variety of degenerative diseases (e.g. ALS) include the formation of aberrant inclusions that contain both RNA and protein. Using methods we have developed, we will purify and analyze the composition of different aberrant granules in model systems of disease.

Analysis of Stress Granule Assembly, Disassembly, and Function

Stress granules are cytoplasmic RNA-protein aggregates (RNPs) that form when translation initiation is decreased. Aberrant stress granule formation is connected to degenerative diseases. We will identify different cellular machinery that modulates stress granule assembly and disassembly and determine how they function to do so.

Scientist Profile

University of Colorado Boulder
Biochemistry, Cell Biology