EXROP Projects: Michael N. Shadlen

Michael N. Shadlen


Michael Shadlen studies neurons in the association cortex that process information from the visual cortex to give rise to interpretations, decisions, and plans for behavior. His experiments combine electrophysiology and behavioral and computational methods to advance our knowledge of higher brain function.

Summer Lab Size: 10
Program Dates: May 26-August 1, 2014

Examination of Speed and Accuracy of Visual Perception

This project examines a simple kind of decision making that occurs when we form categorical judgments based on imperfect evidence. We are interested in how the brain makes decisions about visual stimuli. By measuring both the accuracy of perception and the time needed, we gain insight into the computations that the brain uses to reach a decision. The project involves measurement of eye movements in human subjects, computer programming, and data analysis using MATLAB software. There are opportunities to collaborate with scientists conducting similar studies in nonhuman primates. Prior experience with computer programming is essential.

Scientist Profile

Columbia University
Neuroscience, Physiology