EXROP Projects: Michael G. Rosenfeld

Michael G. Rosenfeld


Michael Rosenfeld investigates the molecular and architectural strategies responsible for integrating genome-wide transcriptional responses to diverse signaling systems, critical for physiological and behavioral processes in all vertebrates. His work has uncovered unexpected roles of enhancers as transcription units, global roles of noncoding RNAs, and regulated dynamic alterations in nuclear architecture. These enhancer-based strategies link regulated gene responses to other cellular response programs/machinery, including DNA damage/repair and inflammation, and suggest new approaches to several prevalent diseases. 

Scientific Disciplines: Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology
Organisms: Mouse, Human
Summer Lab Size: 20+
Program Dates: June 24-August 17, 2012 (Dates for 2013 will be similar)

Scientist Profile

University of California, San Diego
Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology