EXROP Projects: Duojia Pan

Duojia Pan
Summer Lab Size:
Local Summer Program: Summer Internship Program
Program Dates: May 24-August 1, 2015 (Dates for 2016 should be similar)

Characterization of Genes Controlling Organ Size

My lab uses the fruit fly Drosophila as a model to discover novel genes and pathways that regulate organ size in development. Our research has led to the discovery of signaling pathways that play conserved roles in the growth of mammalian organs. In this project, students will conduct genetic screens to isolate growth control genes in Drosophila, and carry out functional studies of these genes using a variety of experimental models. Students will gain experience with genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. These positions offer exciting opportunities to join a research team working in the areas of developmental biology, cell signaling, and cancer biology.

Scientist Profile

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Developmental Biology, Genetics