EXROP Projects: David C. Chan

David C. Chan


David Chan studies how the dynamic behaviors of mitochondria within a cell are controlled and how they affect cell and tissue physiology. These studies have implications for a broad range of human diseases, particularly neurological disorders.

Scientific Disciplines: Biochemistry, Cell Biology
Organisms: Mouse, Yeast/fungi
Summer Lab Size: 14
Program Dates: June 17-August 28, 2015

Mitochondrial Quality Control

To maintain a highly functional mitochondrial population, cells must degrade defective mitochondria and also remove misfolded or aggregated mitochondrial proteins. We are studying the mechanism of these quality control processes, particularly mitophagy, the degradation of mitochondria via autophagy. Some forms of Parkinson's disease appear to result from a defect in these processes.

Scientist Profile

California Institute of Technology
Biochemistry, Cell Biology