Davi Bock


Davi Bock studies how the activity of neuronal circuits relates to the anatomical "wiring" diagram of the neurons comprising the circuitry. Following physiological characterization of a set of neurons, multi-terabyte electron microscopy image volumes containing the characterized neurons are generated using high-throughput electron microscopy of serial thin sections. Connectivity between neurons is established by tracing the axons, dendrites, and synapses through the imaged volume, and patterns of connectivity are compared to the functional properties of the neurons in the circuit. In this way, the relationship between how neuronal circuits process information and how their constituent neurons are connected to one another can be explored.

Summer Lab Size:
Local Summer Program: Janelia Undergraduate Scholars
Program Dates: June 2-August 10, 2014 (Dates for 2015 should be similar)

Reconstruction of Serial Section Electron Microscopy Data

The student will trace the connectivity of identified neurons in serial section transmission electron microscopy datasets to decipher the relationship between the "wiring diagrams" of neuronal circuits and the information-processing functions they perform.

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Janelia Group Leader
Janelia Research Campus