EXROP Projects: Christine Jacobs-Wagner

Christine Jacobs-Wagner


Christine Jacobs-Wagner explores the internal organization of bacteria at every level, from the molecular mechanisms involved in its origin, maintenance, and replication in time and space to its function in cellular physiology and morphogenesis.

Summer Lab Size: 13
Local Summer Program: TBD
Program Dates: TBD

Bacterial Cell-Cycle Control

Specific projects will be determined on the basis of the student's interest in genetics, biochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, quantitative analysis, and/or modeling. Potential projects range from identifying new genes involved in cell-cycle events or cell-size regulation to characterizing known regulators genetically or biochemically, quantifying their behavior at the single-cell level using microscopy, and modeling the processes of interest. The model bacterium will be Escherichia coli or Caulobacter crescentus.

Scientist Profile

Yale University
Cell Biology, Microbiology