EXROP Projects: Chris Q. Doe

Chris Q. Doe


Chris Doe investigates central nervous system (CNS) development. His lab is currently interested in (1) asymmetric cell division and self-renewal/differentiation of Drosophila neural stem cells, (2) temporal identity programs used to generate an ordered series of neural progeny from a single progenitor, (3) the generation of interneuron diversity and establishment of neural circuits that drive larval locomotion, and (4) the use of TU tagging—a method for covalently labeling nascent RNA in specific cell types within intact tissues—to identify temporally regulated or activity-regulated RNAs in the mouse CNS.

Summer Lab Size: 16
Program Dates: June 1-August 10, 2012 (Dates for 2013 wil be similar)

Scientist Profile

University of Oregon
Developmental Biology, Neuroscience