EXROP Projects: Catherine L. Drennan

Catherine L. Drennan


The Drennan laboratory seeks to understand how nature harnesses and redirects the reactivity of enzyme metallocenters to perform challenging reactions. By combining x-ray crystallography with other biophysical methods, their goal is to "visualize" molecular processes by obtaining snapshots of enzymes in action.

Summer Lab Size: 13
Program Dates: June 1-August 8, 2015

Structural Biology of Metalloproteins

EXROP students will learn protein crystallization techniques (e.g., vapor diffusion: hanging drop or sitting drop). If quality crystals are obtained, students will learn cryocrystallography and data collection procedures using our in-house x-ray equipment. EXROP students may also learn about protein purification, enzyme assays, and molecular biology as well as carry out experiments that use biophysical techniques such as calorimetry, electron microscopy, and analytical ultracentrifugation. No previous experience with crystallography, protein biochemistry, or biophysics is required. Students will be trained in all procedures.

Scientist Profile

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Biophysics, Structural Biology