EXROP Projects: Catherine Dulac

Catherine Dulac


Catherine Dulac is investigating the molecular logic of olfactory signaling underlying the coding of odorant- and pheromone-mediated signals and is interested in the developmental processes that ensure appropriate neuronal connections between the olfactory sensory neurons and the brain.

Scientific Disciplines: Genetics, Neuroscience
Organisms: Mouse
Summer Lab Size: 18
Local Summer Program: Harvard EXROP Summer Experience
Program Dates: June 9-August 16, 2014 (Dates for 2015 should be similar)

Molecular Biology of Pheromone Communication in Mice

Animals use chemical cues called pheromones, which provide information about the social and sexual status of individuals within a group, to communicate with other animals. Our laboratory is using molecular and genetic tools to identify molecules and neuronal circuits involved in pheromone-induced behaviors in the mouse. Available projects include the identification of receptors to specific pheromones, the behavioral study of animals in which pheromone communication has been genetically impaired, and the development of new genetic tools to uncover neuronal circuits in the brain underlying specific innate behaviors.

Scientist Profile

Harvard University
Genetics, Neuroscience