Janelia Research Campus
Opened in 2006, HHMI's Janelia Research Campus is a pioneering research center in Ashburn, Virginia, where scientists pursue biology's most challenging problems in a distinctly innovative and collaborative atmosphere. Janelia offers the intellectual opportunities of a large academic institution, but with all the unique benefits of a small research community.

Chemists, physicists, computational scientists, and engineers work closely with biologists to tackle problems in neuroscience and imaging. At the interface of these two research areas are approaches to map the structure of neural circuits and monitor their function during animal behavior. Research at Janelia has yielded new insights in neurobiology as well as several innovations in optical imaging, including new types of microscopy, proteins engineered to facilitate imaging of neural activity, and software to assemble 3D reconstructions of neural circuitry.

Scientists at Janelia
Janelians have the freedom and resources to pursue long-term projects of high significance and to assemble teams that enable transdisciplinary approaches to neuroscience. Janelia labs are small, purposeful, and intellectually ambitious.

Janelia labs are headed by group leaders. These scientists do hands-on research without the burden of teaching, fundraising, and administrative responsibilities, allowing them to devote the vast majority of their time to transformative research programs that could be difficult to pursue elsewhere. Janelia is also home to Project Teams, collaborative groups that pursue projects with specific, targeted goals and produce resources that benefit scientists at Janelia and beyond.  Janelia’s professionally staffed Support Teams increase the capabilities of labs and project teams considerably by centralizing routine and sophisticated lab functions.

Opportunities at Janelia include:

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