HHMI Professors (2010)
Catherine Drennan, Ph.D.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Catherine Drennan's lab uses crystallography as the chief tool for studying a class of enzymes that are medically important or valuable in environmental remediation. Drennan was named HHMI Investigator in 2008 for her research on the structure and function of these metalloproteins. Mirroring her interests at the boundary between disciplines, she has used her Professor award to create resources to help students see the connection between biology and chemistry. As a committed scientist educator, she is developing strategies to recruit tomorrow's top scientists from a diverse pool of freshmen chemistry students, and equip graduate student teaching assistants to be the future's leading teacher-scholars.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Departments of Chemistry and Biology
77 Massachusetts Avenue Building 68, Room 680
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307


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