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The HHMI Press Room provides members of the media and public information officers with access to embargoed press releases and information about the work of HHMI researchers and grantees. It also contains supplementary resources such as photos, videos, and backgrounders about HHMI’s research and scientists.

Embargoed News

To access the embargoed section of this site, you must be a member of the media, a freelance writer, or a public information officer at an HHMI host institution or HHMI grantee institution. To request a login, click on the link Register for a Press Room account.  Once you’ve registered for the Press Room, HHMI will verify your information and send an e-mail notification with your login credentials.

We have launched a new and improved website as of June, 2013.

For security reasons we did not bring old accounts and passwords into this new system, so you will need to register and request a new Press Room login if you would like to view embargoed news stories. Register for the Press Room…

HHMI Press Contacts

  • James E. Keeley, Jr.
    Director, Strategic Communication and News
    Cell: 240-688-6630
  • Robert Gutnikoff
    Media Relations Specialist
    Cell: 301-633-0503
HHMI Bulletin

HHMI Bulletin: Winter 2014

Cover Story: Express Shipping
The winners of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine discovered how packages of molecules are ferried around and between cells.

Straight Shooter 
Danny Reinberg chose an unconventional model organism to study gene expression. In the process, he’s revealed fascinating things about ants, behavior, and aging.

Defenses Up 
They might not look very tough, but plants are armed and ready to fend off attackers.