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The Virtual Lab Series
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In six interactive virtual labs, identify bacteria, examine heart patients, probe the nervous system, assay antibodies, study circadian rhythms, and analyze evolution in action in stickleback fish.

  • Bacterial ID Lab: Use DNA sequencing techniques to identify deadly pathogens.
  • Cardiology Lab: Diagnose heritable heart diseases.
  • Neurophysiology Lab: Dissect a leech to explore its sensory system.
  • Immunology Lab: Use human antibodies to help diagnose disease.
  • Transgenic Fly Lab: Create a transgenic fly to study circadian rhythms.
  • Stickleback Evolution Lab: Collect and analyze data on stickleback fish and fossil specimens.

Includes detailed procedures, lab notebooks, videos, quizzes, glossaries, and background resources.


  •  2002 Pirelli Award; First Prize and Top Pirelli Prize


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