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Virtual Lab Series

In six interactive virtual labs, identify bacteria, examine heart patients, probe the nervous system, assay antibodies, study circadian rhythms, and analyze evolution in action in stickleback fish.

Winter 2014, HHMI Bulletin

Shipping News: Nobel-winning work on the basics of cellular transport. Available in print.

The Double Helix

This film tells the story of the scientists and evidence involved in one of the most important scientific quests of the 20th century: the discovery of the structure of DNA. Available on DVD.

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Express Shipping: The winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine discovered how packages of molecules are ferried around and between cells. Also in this issue: Straight Shooter: Danny Reinberg chose an unconventional model organism to study gene expression. In the process, he's...
Microbial Social Network: Decoding bacterial chatter may clarify our relationship to their vast communities. Also in this issue: Driven: Bert Vogelstein is on a mission to change the outlook for people with cancer. Explorers: After an intense competition, 27 scientists had the right stuff to be...
Year of Chemistry: Chemists fascinated by the complexity of biology are solving problems in neuroscience, immunology, and cell signaling. Also in this issue: Have Microscope, Will Travel: Biology students and faculty immersed in summer courses at Woods Hole get their hands on a remarkably...
Going Deep: Researchers are diving into the complicated world of the human gut. Also in this issue:     Two Roads to an End: Though separated by an ocean, Christopher Plowe and Abdoulaye Djimdé are bound by their determination to stop malaria's global toll;   Into the...
Light Moves: Light is becoming the tool of choice for researchers who want to precisely manipulate neurons and other cells in "Light Moves." Also in this issue:    A Kaleidoscopic View: Elaine Fuchs brings an eye for the creative in the many-colored facets of her life and work; Silver...
Nobel laureate Mario Capecchi has the confidence to march to his own drummer and the patience to focus on the long view. Read about Capecchi's long-term view in "Guided by His Inner Compass." Also in this issue: Studying the form and function of this cellular sac of enzymes is leading to...
Scientists with technical ingenuity are opening new vistas into the finer points of the cell.To true tinkerers the limits of the present are never permanent barriers, merely offers they can't refuse in "A Different Mindset." Also in this issue: Sydney Brenner's hopes for understanding the brain—...
Can a pill be the solution to the diabesity epidemic? Does the answer lie in "Exercise in a Pill?" Also in this issue: Researchers believe they are deciphering some of the mysteries of sleep, particularly its role in forging new memories in "Memories Are Made Like This"; HHMI professor, Louis...
In certain families, small genetic variations bring good health and long life. Can researchers use this knowledge to benefit us all? Also in this issue: Investigating the roots of heart disease, physician-scientist Helen Hobbs applies what she learns in the clinic to her research in the lab;...
A curled lip, a furrowed brow—sometimes even a small change in expression can reveal far more than words. Now, a computer program can analyze images of faces as accurately as trained professionals. Also in this issue: Carlos Bustamante is a self-described "patchwork biophysicist" with an...
An unfinished story about the genesis of maleness. Also in this issue: High school students question everything; Pursuing receptors and heart disease in North Carolina; Dramatizing biology's new ethical dilemmas.