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Virtual Lab Series

In six interactive virtual labs, identify bacteria, examine heart patients, probe the nervous system, assay antibodies, study circadian rhythms, and analyze evolution in action in stickleback fish.

Winter 2014, HHMI Bulletin

Shipping News: Nobel-winning work on the basics of cellular transport. Available in print.

The Double Helix

This film tells the story of the scientists and evidence involved in one of the most important scientific quests of the 20th century: the discovery of the structure of DNA. Available on DVD.

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Our planet has millions of species, including thousands of mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles, and even more butterflies, beetles, and other animals, each adapted to one of an enormous variety of habitats. The richness and diversity of life raises two of the most profound questions in biology: How...
James Watson and Francis Crick collected and interpreted key evidence to determine that DNA molecules take the shape of a twisted ladder—a double helix. The film presents the challenges, false starts, and eventual success of their bold chase, culminating in the classic 1953 publication in...
This series of five short films features unforgettable examples of the evolutionary process in action. Produced by award-winning filmmakers, each film is an adventure of discovery. From the postglacial lakes in southern Alaska to the highlands of East Africa, fascinating creatures and pioneering...
The disappearance of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period posed one of the greatest, long-standing scientific mysteries. This three-act film tells the story of the extraordinary detective work that solved it. Representing a rare instance with which many different scientific...