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Learning from Patients: The Science of Medicine
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Biomedical scientists can gain essential insights from patients that help move their research in new directions. In four lectures, Dr. Bert Vogelstein and Dr. Huda Y. Zoghbi discuss how their patients have led them to a deeper understanding of the genetic and molecular bases of cancer and neurological disorders. Dr. Vogelstein explains our current understanding of the biology of cancer and how scientists are using information about cancer genes to treat and prevent the disease. Dr. Zoghbi recounts the research journeys she took to find the genes associated with two devastating neurological disorders: spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 and Rett syndrome.

DVD includes detailed chapter search by scientific topic, direct access to animations, English subtitles, interviews with the speakers, and special features on transgenic mice, understanding pedigrees, and bioethics.

Presented at HHMI's 2003 Holiday Lectures on Science. Two discs, lecture time approx. 240 min.

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